WAP INTL was established with the objective of producing quality hospitality and travel publications for industry players, top executives and corporates. Its industry-specific publications are presented in a clear, concise, quick-reading format, thus considering the time demands of busy top executives.  One of the longest-running industry-centred publishers to have originated from Malaysia and Singapore, WAP INTL journals are regarded as the most time efficient method of keeping in touch with key developments in the hospitality, travel, food, entertainment and retail industries.  WAP INTL titles function as the most efficient communication medium for the business and trade sectors by disseminating up-to-date information on new trends, products and services. 

HA (Hospitality Asia), one of WAP INTL longest-running titles, provides insight into the multi-layered, multi-option world of the Southeast Asian hospitality industry. Beginning modestly with content from Malaysia and Singapore, the journal now reports on the hospitality industry in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau. It also provides coverage on the rest of the Asia Pacific region and the international hospitality scene, giving Asia-based readers a window into the wider world of hospitality.

Being a business-trade magazine, HA’s wide reach makes it the publication of choice for industry professionals, corporate players, travelers and service providers who seek to continuously be informed of personnel movements within the industry, new technology to be harnessed within the workplace or services for the improvement of the guest experience. Its personalized delivery system tied to a consistently updated circulation list means that top executives are assured of a personal copy of the magazine, allowing HA reach and target the key decision makers in the industry, beginning with senior management. The magazine is also distributed to key middle management personnel who are in a position to recommend products, processes and services.

HA boasts a longer shelf-life and is strategically positioned in the executive club lounge of hotels, embassies, spas, restaurants, regional and international airport lounges as well as on-board Malaysia Airlines first and business class.

With the advent of www.hospitalityasia.asia, HA will become more personalized and more direct, speaking to not only the key decision makers and top management of the industry, but also becoming a welcome resource for the rank and file. HA’s online presence guarantees the forward movement of the industry’s premier print medium, and will expand readership beyond the boundaries of print, as well as ensuring that news is delivered in an even timelier fashion than could ever be achieved by the printed medium. Access to HA online will mean a whole new audience will be privy to the happenings of the industry, with even more hoteliers, suppliers, and manufacturers being brought together by virtue of the Internet.

WAP INTL capitalized on its in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry and its close ties with the top executives from the hospitality field by publishing The Pinnacle of Hospitality, an inspirational and timeless edition featuring the success stories of 100 key movers and shakers of hospitality in Malaysia and Singapore. The inaugural 2005 volume is an essential reference tool for hoteliers, gracing the bookshelves of the most prominent industry personnel.

A dynamic entrepreneur in her own right, Founder Jennifer Ong remains as hands-on and as committed to the business as the day she started it over a decade ago. Passionate about establishing note-worthy service standards and business integrity, Ong introduced WAP INTL very own (HAPA) Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards. Always driven by her endless enthusiasm and passion, Ong handpicked her team to assure commitment, efficiency, shared vision and goal setting in tune with the company’s vision and mission. A firm believer in keeping the team small and close-knitted, Ong has over the years retained a key number of staff for their outstanding business and interpersonal qualities. This small group has collectively over 50 years of publishing, editorial, design, logistics and marketing expertise between them, resulting in a tight and thorough set-up. As the sole event managers behind the highly successful HAPA and HAGC (Hospitality Asia Golf Challenge), WAP INTL ensures that it owns and operates events that meet the brand standard of its long and illustrious pedigree through its event arm, MAD (Make a Difference).